Reese Smith is The first and at this time only Licensed Professional Reader, Advisor, Psychic Medium in McDowell County, Marion, North Carolina.

Reese Smith is also an ordained Minster and is recognized for his many works to the public and private sectors.

William Reese Smith PO Box 46 Marion, North Carolina 28752


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Reese Smith is a Licensed Professional Reader, Advisor and Pshchic Medium.

Each day I come in contact with someone, either by telephone or in person, that needs some advise about their future or help to settle something that happened in their past. It is rewarding to use my gifts to help them move on to a happier place in their life. Perhaps you have a problem that you need assistance with in your own life. I can help, I am only an email away, to set up your Personal Telephone Reading. Everything is Confidential and you can purchase a Cassette Tape of the reading. Contact: EMAIL REESE SMITH

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Reese Smith

Psychic Medium

Advisor and Professional Reader

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Having worked with many well known paranormal investigators over the years Smith became involved with what many call today Ghost Hunting.

While his realization that it was to help the many lost souls find their way back to God. Paranormal Investigator Gina Lanier lead Smith into the world of the supernatural and things that go bump in the night. As a team they investigated many haunted homes in the deep south. From the mighty Plantations along the Mississippi, to those hidden spots where a lone soul needs comforting.

The City of New Orleans is by far the most haunted city in The America's. With the number of ghost sightings and mystical experiences. The Voodoo Capital of America as it is often referred to is the hotspot for spooks specters and an array of otherworldly encounters. And makes the list at number seven as the most truly haunted Hotspot in the United States. Renowned Paranormal Investigators from around the world and weekend Ghost hunters flock to this very haunted city to find out for themselves what makes New Orleans truly really haunted! And they all walk away with plans of returning very, very soon.

Home to the famed Cities Of The Dead, Above ground tombs and the first known haunted house (LaLaurie Mansion) in the country. No wonder this very haunted city makes the list. It is also home to the legacy that was Marie Laveau. New Orleans Ghosts are said to be the most active, Most photographed and if I dare say lively of all the spooks, specters Ghosts, Ghouls, Vampires, Zombies, Banshee's, Voodoo Lwa's and Spirits, Demons, Devil Babies Grunch, The Lost Dead, Werewolves (Loupe Garou) and all the nameless unholy things that go bump in the night in the whole of The United States of America.

A very diverse City with many, many Haunted Houses, Haunted Cemeteries, Haunted Streets, Haunted Buildings, and Haunted Bayous. Many believe their is at least 16 - 30 ghosts to every living person in the city tourist included at any given time.

Everyone who has lived in The Crescent City usually has more then one ghost story to tell. It is also home to a swamp monster known as the Loupe Garou (or rou-garou) The Cajun Werewolf or wolf man and the American Chupacabra like Grunch sightings of which continue to this day.

The City has many connections to the past and historical events that rocked the nation. It is also a place where intrigue and bohemian lifestyle of the occult has always thrived. Even the great beast Aleister Crowley visited the City in his lifetime just to experience it's power. Onieda Toups formed the first charter to the Religious Order of Witchcraft in the 1970's.

New Orleans is not without it's many terrifying urban legends. Tales of a Devil Baby the spawn of Satan roaming the French Quarter for over the past 150 years have never died. Grunch Road, Haunted Mardi Gras parades, Haunted buildings, Ghost filled Cemeteries and of course the legend of the Great Voodoo Queen.

Marie Laveau

The reported wishing haunted tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is visited by people from around the world. Located in St. Louis Cemetery Number 1 in New Orleans Louisiana. No one but Laveau is synonymously with the religion then she. Her tomb attracts thousand of visitor s each year. Ghost photos happen here all the time as well as EVP's and daily voodoo hoodoo rituals. The cemetery it is in is also very haunted and all of this in New Orleans deemed by many as the most haunted city in America.

Marie Laveau was the reigning Voodoo priestess of the nineteenth century. New Orleans Voodoo as a social phenomenon came into its heyday during the 1800’s. Under Marie Laveau’s guidance Voodoo thrived as a business, served as a form of political influence, provided a source of spectacle and entertainment, and was a means of altruism. But what Voodoo is in its pure form is religion: forms of worship brought to Caribbean and American colonies through the slave trade.

Due to slavery, the entire life of the transplanted African was tragically altered. Naturally the religious beliefs and practices would change. This mutation of West African religion under the strain of slavery ultimately gave rise to the New-World phenomenon known as “voodoo.” More than any one person, Marie Laveau transformed the religious practices of African slaves into a major social and cultural institution of nineteenth-century New Orleans. On many levels, her life was an embodiment of New Orleans Voodoo.

Psychic Reese Smith said he felt the presence of a spirit or ghosts when this photo was taken. Reese a well known International Medium and Ghost Hunter has hunted many haunted houses over the years and says he knows when ghosts are near so just snap a picture when he feels them draw near during investigations of the paranormal.

Real Ghost Photos

Ghost Pic -Below -- Smith tells a photographer snap the picture now!

Smith says he has had many encounters with grave side ghost and that most just want to be noticed. While still the others wish only to be called on judgment day. Smith can often be seen talking to the dead in Marion, NC old cemeteries comforting many a lost soul. " The Dead talk to me all the time." Smith says., "Sometimes They even follow me home!"

Smith is a Clariaudient as well as Clairvoyant. Meaning he see's and hears ghost when present. Smith "I feel God sent me to New Orleans To see how Many of his lost souls I could bring back to him." says Smith.

Smith also does Private Tarot card readings from his home in Marion, North Carolina. The house is haunted by many ghosts he says. And a very famous one at that!

Since Hurricane Katrina he lives in the former home of Daniel A. Kanipe, Sergeant in Company C, 7th Cavalry, was born, raised, and died in McDowell County's Marion, near the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. He was one of two soldiers who rode into the Battle of the Little Bighorn with General George Armstrong Custer in June of 1876 and lived to tell the tale. As the legend of "Custer's Last Stand" grew, Kanipe's eyewitness testimony and identification of severely mangled bodies lived on in all historical accounts.

The Kanipe's moved into a house just south of Marion at 238 Rutherford Road. The very real Haunted house still stands in excellent repair since Smith took ownership in 2006. "Kanipe died here in this house and he still watches over it" says Smith. " And he loves what I have done to the place."

Many sensitive ghost investigators Like Reese Smith pick up on ghosts in cemeteries but these ghosts he says are usually those that feel the must not leave the spot where they were buried until the sound of Gabriel's horn.


Marie Laveau

Very little is known with any certainty about the life of Marie Laveau. One must keep in mind that her surviving daughter had the same name, so the two were confused in later years in most recalled accounts. However it is thought, the mother was more powerful and the daughter was more elaborate in encouraging the public events (including inviting attendees to the St. John's Eve rituals on Bayou St. John) and financial response to their efforts. It is not known to which (if not both) the voodoo queen reputation refers in most respects. Marie I is supposed to have been born in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana around 1800's, the daughter of a white planter and a free Creole of Color. She married Jacques (or Santiago, in other records) Paris, also a free Creole of color, on August 4, 1819; her marriage certificate is preserved in Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.

She is said to be buried in Saint Louis Cemetery #1 in New Orleans in the Glapion family crypt, although even this is in dispute, according to Robert Tallant, one of her biographers. Still the tomb continues to attract visitors who draw three crosses (XXX) on its side, hoping that her spirit will grant them a wish. Others state she is buried in other tombs but may be confusing the resting place of other voodoo priestess of New Orleans.

Reese Smith Ghost Hunting for the Real Voodoo Queens spirit at the tomb of Marie Laveau

Smith believes that Marie Laveaus' ghost is restless because of the many demands that are put on her soul by the living. At the end of her life she became a true Christian, leaving her voodoo ways behind her.

During the extensive investigation, Smith told Paranormal Investigator Gina Lanier that Marie Laveau kept telling him, "I want to find My eternal lasting peace with God!" Smith unshaken went on to say " Marie wants to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." " But she is afraid to leave, not knowing that God forgave her long ago." " She is here because she fears her Judgment Day." "And at that time it was believed you stayed buried until The Sound of the last trumpet."

Smith states the reason her spirit is so duly trapped in her tomb is people will not let her go. The more you keep focusing on the dead the more you keep them in this reality.

He also stated that he knows her bones are not in the grave. That the family, Archdiocese of New Orleans or individuals had them secretly moved years ago. He says also that she does not care about her mortal shell. Laveau told him whether it was ground to make zombie dust or cursed to the bowels of hell, that is done. But Laveau's precious spirits is locked for ever at her tomb for those sins she calls her wicked ways.

The Ghost of Daniel A. Kanipe, Sergeant in Company C, 7th Cavalry

Many people have seen ghost lights in the nearby cemetery where the family is buried. These ghost lights, they appear nightly in the cemetery, with no set pattern, they weave in and out of the head stones and trees until they reach the edge near the entrance, then they just disappear only to reappear in another spot.

In the real ghost photo below: The dark shadow person of the figure of lone man is visible in the ghost photo below.

Kanipe Family Grave Ghost photo. This photo was taken recently and sent to by Ghost hunter Glenn Davis Lee on his recent trip to Marion, NC. Lee made a special visit to meet with Smith cornering his ability to command or know when ghost can be photographed. Lee captured this amazing, what he calls real, ghost photo when Smith said for him too.

"Ghost hunting in cemeteries is certainly nothing new, it just takes a deep interest in specters, spooks and shades to get the ball rolling." "The grave yard investigative search for ghosts to many die hard's is more of a proving ground for those that wish to see if there is more to life then just our daily existence." "Others now a days seem to do it for the kick of just getting scared." States Smith.

Reese Smith's Haunted House

The house is very haunted, or so the town has believed for many years. When displaced by Hurricane Katrina August 29, 2005 Smith followed his intuition again. It lead him to Marion NC. And when he saw the great house their were no other that would satisfy the deep need that the house put on Smith.

The great home was in a state if almost ruin. "God had shown me this house in my dreams for nearly half a century ," Smith Says. "The moment I walked in the door I was home."

"In two ghost photo Below blow up of the above house photo you can plainly see the face of a real ghost or two in the window payne reflections." states Lee.

From the day Smith began moving into the house he knew it was haunted. His dog Twanda would act as if someone un-seen was playing with her. His cat would seem to follow something around every room. Sometimes looking curiously, others very frightened. Smith has seen Kanipe's wife's ghost many times in the kitchen. And Daniel Knaipe's ghost sitting in what was once his office. Or very early descending the magnificent stair case.

Chandeliers tinkle like wind chimes as if moved by unseen hands. Voices and whispers are sometimes heard echoing upstairs. And If you sit very still in his grand parlor Smith says you can smell the odor of Lilacs. When in the Bathroom occasionally you might hear the little girl's voice as Smith calls it. And you can also hear whispering voices in the hallway. Also the ghosts like to move small items in their rooms and Smith finds many things rearranged or missing daily.

Smith says he see's their ghost so often he just thinks nothing of it unless they want his attention over a serious matter. And the things they tell Smith he says have proven to be true.

Smith says Knaipe's Wife Annie Missouri ghost's is often herd by his dogs walking around the large home and she loves playing with the TV and stereo equipment.

Annie Missouri's ghost also asked Smith to please take care of her grave and bring her some flowers, states Smith.

Daniel A. Kanipe, Sergeant in Company C, 7th Cavalry


Smith has yet to investigate East McDowell Jr. High School (Marion, NC)
In the early 1900's an orphanage sat on the lot where East McDowell Jr. High sits now. It burned to the ground and some of the children who lived at the orphanage died in the fire. At night you are supposed to be able to hear the children crying in the back parking lot, and the library is haunted by the supervisor of the orphanage who also died in the fire. You can see her on the upstairs balcony of the library.

Pleasant Gardens Baptist Church (Marion, NC)
This church is haunted by a woman who has been seen dressed in pink or off white. People all over town talk of her legend and say that if you leave any color but pink flowers or blood red roses on her grave, you can expect see her ghost walking down the road with a knife in her hand the following day.

Smith just spent some time in 2007 investigating the The Biltmore Estate (Asheville, NC). Back in 1914, George W. Vanderbilt died from complications from a surgery he had for appendicitis. His wife was extremely upset. So late at night, in the Library, she would sit in front of the large marble fireplace, and talk with George though he was never really there. Her servants started to think she was losing her mind. To this day, late at night you can still hear her voice talking with George very softly. Also, you can feel George's presence in the Billiard Room, and the 2nd floor Oak Sitting room, one of his favorite rooms in the mansion. During rainy late nights, George would sit and read. Workers report feelings of being watched, apparitions, voices, laughing, & screams. A headless orange cat has been seen by numerous visitors roaming the area between the Gardens and the Bass pond. The Pool Room is also a focal point of unexplainable events. The sound of people swimming echoes throughout the entire lower floor in the dead of night. Insane laughter can be heard coming from the drain at the bottom of the pool. It is said to be haunted by a lady in black. Employees report hearing footsteps on the second floor. It's $10 for the small tour and $50 for the full tour of the house. But be sure you stay CLOSE to the guide. Odds are, there will only be 3 or 4 people touring with you.


HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS Official Web Site is a ghost tour information site; our information is only as reliable as readers' contributed ghost and haunted reports. We assume no credit for your adventures, and accept no liability for your misadventures. Use common sense. Read our ghost hunting recommendations. Before visiting any "haunted" site, verify the location, accessibility, safety, and other important information. Never trespass on private and/or posted property without permission from the proper authorities.



GhostBreakers consists of present, former and retired Police Officers, with over 50 years of combined investigative experience and accredited investigative education that they are adapting to Paranormal Investigation. There are offices in Southern NJ and Eastern PA but we do handle investigations in many areas. They also belong to a network of fellow investigative groups and can recommend groups in a persons respective area for swift response. GhostBreakers also understands that many people are reluctant to let strangers into their properties regardless of their haunting experiences. GhostBreakers also helps others by advising them on what they can do to help themselves. If this then proves insufficient, GhostBreakers can then set up a preliminary interview or contact another group for them.

It should also be noted that we are NOT Ghost Hunters nor Debunkers. We are investigators by profession that are adapting their skills and education to investigate reported problems dealing with the Paranormal.

We also suggest that people initially contact several organizations and interview each to see which best suits their individual problems or concerns. You would do this if you were looking for a contractor to do work for you. This is no different. In our professional lives we have come across many who are less than honest. We also know that there are a lot of good groups out there. We just suggest you do your homework as you would for anyone you would hire.





The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

I am a Demonologist, and a



Appalachian GhostWalks Haunted Vacations Ghost and History Tours cordially invites you and your family, friends, or tour group to join us as we explore the mysteries of our mountain heritage. Our lantern-lit tours bring our region's Cherokee Indian, Frontier, Revolutionary and Civil War History to life for all ages. Each guide is a highly trained and certified ghost hunter presenting a unique blend of science, history, and folklore. Enjoy great travel discounts with our "Spook and Save" Vacation Planning Packages with multiple day vacation itineraries packed with fun family adventure...

Appalachian GhostWalks Haunted Vacations Ghost and History Tours cordially invites you and your family, friends, or tour group to join us as we explore the mysteries of our mountain heritage. Our lantern-lit tours bring our region's Cherokee Indian, Frontier, Revolutionary and Civil War History to life for all ages. Each guide is a highly trained and certified ghost hunter presenting a unique blend of science, history, and folklore. Enjoy great travel discounts with our "Spook and Save" Vacation Planning Packages with multiple day vacation itineraries packed with fun family adventure...


PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™ is the “One Stop Paranormal Resource Center” with multiple resources,
divisions and departments to meet all of your paranormal needs. We at Paranormal Task Force are a professional team of experienced paranormal investigators and researchers. We combine a unique blend of humanistic values, and scientific techniques which result in a well formulated, balanced tactical approach to paranormal investigations and research. Along with our adherence to a strict set of protocols and standards, our methods result in superior client satisfaction, collection of quality evidence beneficial to the overall progression of the paranormal field and in some cases bring full closure for the client.


Often called the Ghost Hunter's, Ghost Hunter, Lanier strives to uncover the truth! Known to many as the Best and most knowledgeable ghost hunter in the field today, Lanier continues to explore many areas of the Paranormal that many others fear to tread. Lanier's investigations have been the focus of many Paranormal Radio Shows and as a Paranormal consultant to those that seek her valuable advice and reasoning. Lanier has in her own words; "Met with the devil eye to eye." And has had many personal paranormal encounters that would send the most salted Ghost Hunter packing. Her personal Stories of Ghosts and demons is enough to send a chill down anyone's spine. Lanier is also considered to be the most accessible real paranormal investigator or ghost hunter in the world. Many of Gina Lanier's Paranormal Investigations can be seen on


H.P.I. Paranormal Investigations International began as a paranormal investigative group in the San Francisco bay area in 2004.

The President of our group is Shannon McCabe, who has a background in paranormal investigations as well as T.V. reporting, and many other skills that serve us well. H.P.I. International has a small group of core investigators for our private investigations, and a large group of "members" that we take to haunted locations.



Patti Starr

Patti Starr

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The Ghostman—Shaun Burris, a blue collar ghost hunter for over 10 years and Nathan Schoonover—AKA the Demon Hunter, a paranormal investigator and counselor for almost 15 years, wanted to bring you two things: the big names in the paranormal community the way they got to see them behind the scenes, and the groups and investigators out there in the paranormal trenches. Thus the Shock Jocks of the supernatural were born. Ghostman and Demon Hunter are live every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST.

The bad boys of the paranormal will hit on the subjects ghost hunters are talking about. Join us as we test the waters of the supernatural; tips, guests…and answers to the questions nobody else is willing to ask.

Jeff Belanger: Author, Lecturer, and Explorer of the Unexplained

Jeff Belanger: Author, Lecturer, and Explorer of the Unexplained







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